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What Is A UV Printer Servo Motor Jul 14, 2017

What are the advantages of servo motor?

1. Accuracy: Closed-loop control of speed, position and torque.

2, Speed: Servo motor general rated speed can reach 2000~3000 turn.

3, adaptability: strong overload resistance ability, can withstand three times times the rated torque.

4, Timeliness: motor acceleration and deceleration of the corresponding time is short, generally within dozens of milliseconds.

5, Stable: low-speed operation is stable, low-speed operation will not produce similar to stepper motor stepper operation phenomenon.

6, Comfort: heating and noise significantly reduced.

7, the operation: the servo motor is to stop the operation of power, and stepper motor because of some of its own inertia can not immediately stop, there will be a phenomenon of loss of step.