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Print On A Slant Jul 14, 2017

For the needle-type printer, the cause of this kind of fault mostly is the color belt ink dries up, the print head breaks the needle, the putter position adjusts too far, may use the replacement color belt and the adjustment putter the method to solve; for inkjet printers, nozzle blockage, ink drying, ink model is incorrect, the ink tube into the air, the printer working temperature is too high will cause this fault, should be the nozzle, ink box, such as testing and maintenance; For laser printers, when the toner cartridge in less powder, developer roll of the low development voltage and toner photosensitive effect is poor , it will also cause the printing of the phenomenon of bias. At this point, remove the toner cartridge gently shake, if the printing effect does not improve, you should replace the toner cartridge or adjust the printer toner cartridge under a set of photosensitive switch, so that it matches the sensitivity of the toner.