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Common Hardware Failures And Solutions For Printers Jul 14, 2017

Symptom One: The printer does not install paper, the paper also appeared after the lack of paper alarm sound, loading a paper cots do not pull paper, need to install more than two sheets of paper cots can pull paper.

Reason analysis: General needle or ink-jet printer under the word rollers are equipped with a photoelectric sensor to detect the lack of paper. Under normal circumstances, the photoelectric sensor after loading paper to feel the existence of paper, resulting in a telegram number return, the control panel is given a paper signal. If the photoelectric sensor is not clean for a long time, the photoelectric sensor surface will be attached with scraps of paper, dust, etc., so that the sensor surface dirty, can not properly photosensitive, there will be false positives. These kinds of phenomena are basically the same problem, and the surface of photoelectric sensor is caused by dirt.

Workaround: Unplug the power and open the lid. For most stylus printers (such as Epson lq-1600k, STAR-3200, etc.), take off the cover plate, first to the print head parallel to the bottom of the print head of a small cover plate to remove (about 20 centimeters long 1 cm wide), push the printhead to the middle (inkjet printers generally do not have this small cover plate), so you can take off the lid, otherwise it will not be taken down. Remove the screws around the printer (mostly at the bottom of the printer), slowly activities will be able to disassemble the shell, and then remove the black feed roller, note that the feed roller on both sides is by a groove through two pieces of iron, as long as the push it, so that it around the paper roll rotation, you can take the paper roll. At this point can see the paper roller There is a small photoelectric sensor, clear the surrounding dust, with alcohol cotton light wipe bald, wipe dirty, reinstall the paper roll, machine cover, such as, power on the boot, problem resolution.